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Are Possums dangerous towards humans or pets?

Possums and Behavior: Unmasking the Myths possums might seem mysterious, but they're generally harmless. Here's the scoop on their demeanor.

Calm Creatures: possums are more likely to play dead (a behavior called "playing possum") than to get aggressive. They're quite timid and prefer avoiding confrontations.

Nocturnal Nomads: Possums are active mostly at night, so daylight sightings are rare.

Fun Fact: Possums are nature's clean-up crew – they eat insects, rodents, and even fallen fruits.

Opossum Seasons: Possums are around all year, but their nocturnal habits make them less visible.

Safety Zone: Possums are not harmful to humans. They might hiss or show their teeth when they're scared, but they're unlikely to attack.

Our Approach: At Wildlife Control Pros, we value your safety. Here are two brief examples of our top priorities:

  1. Facts Over Fiction: We provide accurate information about opossum behavior.

  2. Safe Practices: If Possums become an issue, we have humane solutions.

Living Alongside Possums:

  • Stay Calm: If you encounter an opossum, give it space and it'll move along.

  • Pet Precautions: Keep your pets away to avoid any unexpected interactions.

Answers When Needed:

  • Expert Help: Got questions about possums? Reach out at (231) 299-0929 or

  • Guidance: We're here to offer advice and solutions for peaceful coexistence with these critters.

Possums in Perspective: Interested in knowing more about opossum behavior? Connect with us for insights and support. We'll make sure you understand these creatures and how to share your space with them comfortably.

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