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Do raccoons carry diseases that can affect humans or pets?

Raccoons and Disease: Unpacking the Facts Raccoons can indeed carry diseases that may pose risks to both humans and pets. Here's what you should be aware of:

Raccoon Diseases: Raccoons can carry diseases like rabies, leptospirosis, and roundworm.

Rabies Risk: Raccoons are potential carriers of rabies, a serious viral disease that affects mammals, including humans.

Fun Fact: Rabies is rare in raccoons but can have severe consequences if transmitted to humans or pets.

Raccoon Seasons: Raccoons are active year-round, but diseases might be more of a concern during certain times.

Safety Reminder: Avoid direct contact with raccoons and their droppings to reduce the risk of disease transmission.

Our Approach: At Wildlife Control Pros, we prioritize your safety:

  1. Knowledge Sharing: We provide accurate information about raccoon-related diseases.

  2. Preventive Measures: We guide you on minimizing the risk of exposure.

Protecting Against Disease:

  • Secure Trash: Properly secure your trash cans to prevent raccoons from accessing potential food sources.

  • Regular Cleaning: Keep your property clean and free of debris that might attract raccoons.

Expert Advice: For more insights or if you have concerns about raccoon-related diseases:

  • Stay Informed: Call (231) 299-0929 or for expert advice.

  • Health Precautions: We're here to offer guidance on protecting your family and pets.

Healthy Coexistence: Worried about disease risks from raccoons? Get in touch for accurate information and preventive strategies. We'll help you navigate a safe and healthy relationship with wildlife.

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