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How can I keep raccoons out of the trash

Raccoons and Trash: Keeping the Critters Away

Dealing with raccoons in your trash can be frustrating, but there are steps you can take to prevent their visits:

Secure Trash Bins: Use tightly sealed, animal-proof trash cans to make it harder for raccoons to access food.

Locking Mechanisms: Invest in trash cans with secure latches or locking mechanisms to deter raccoons.

Fun Fact: Raccoons are known for their nimble paws, which enable them to open containers and manipulate objects.

Raccoon Seasons: Raccoons are active year-round, but their foraging tendencies might increase during periods of scarcity.

Safety Reminder: While raccoons aren't typically aggressive, it's best to avoid close encounters, especially for your pets' safety.

Our Approach: At Wildlife Control Pros, we're all about practical solutions:

  1. Prevention Strategies: We offer you tried-and-true methods to keep raccoons away.

  2. Guidance: If you're unsure, we're here to provide expert advice.

Raccoon-Proofing Your Property:

  • Regular Pick-Up: Put your trash out on the morning of collection day, reducing the time raccoons have to access it.

  • Clean Bins: Rinse out your trash cans regularly to minimize odors that might attract raccoons.

Expert Assistance: For more insights or if you need assistance with raccoon-related issues:

  • Reach Out: Have questions? Call (231) 299-0929 or

  • Guidance: We're here to provide advice on preventing raccoon encounters.

A Trash-Free Solution: Concerned about raccoons getting into your trash? Get in touch for information and support. We'll equip you with effective prevention strategies, ensuring your property remains clean and critter-free.

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