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How to keep opossums away from trash bins?

Opossums and Trash Bins: What You Can Do Opossums have a knack for scavenging, but you can outsmart them. Here's how:

Tight Lids: Use trash bins with secure lids that opossums can't easily open. Bungee cords or heavy bricks can provide an extra layer of protection.

Elevate Bins: If possible, store your trash bins off the ground. Opossums are good climbers, but raising the bins can deter them.

Fun Fact: Opossums are immune to many snake venoms, making them nature's snakebite protectors.

Opossum Seasons: Opossums are around all year, but their nighttime antics might be more noticeable in warmer months.

Safety Consideration: While opossums aren't aggressive, it's best to avoid close encounters, especially for your pets' sake.

Our Approach: At Wildlife Control Pros, we're all about solutions:

  1. Practical Tips: Our team can guide you on deterring opossums from your trash area.

  2. Efficient Methods: We focus on humane and effective approaches.

Trash Harmony:

  • Regular Cleaning: Keep your trash area clean to minimize odors that attract opossums.

  • Seal Cracks: Check for any gaps or openings around your trash storage area and seal them up.

Opossum-Free Zone: For professional help in managing opossums around your trash:

  • Expert Advice: Got questions? Reach out at (231) 299-0929 or

  • Support: We're here to provide strategies for a hassle-free trash routine.

A Neat Solution: Say goodbye to opossum troubles! Contact us for tips, ideas, and support. Together, we'll create a system that keeps your trash bins safe from unwanted visitors.

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