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What animals make holes through homes or buildings?

Unveiling Culprits: Identifying Entry Points in Northwest Michigan

Hello and welcome to Wildlife Control Pros! We're here to help you understand the critters responsible for those mysterious holes or entry points on the outside of your home or building. Let's dig into the details to provide you with the information you need.

Common Culprits: Several animals are known for creating holes or entry points in homes and buildings:

  • Squirrels: These agile climbers can access your property through damaged soffits, vents, or even chew their way in.

  • Raccoons: Known for their dexterity, raccoons can pry open weak points, including loose siding and damaged fascia.

  • Woodpeckers: While not directly creating entry points, they can enlarge existing holes, causing vulnerabilities.

Timing and Seasons: The timing of these activities varies based on the animal and the season:

  • Squirrels: Most active during the early morning and late afternoon, they seek shelter in attics and crawl spaces, especially in fall when preparing for winter.

  • Raccoons: Active year-round, raccoons may seek shelter in attics and chimneys, with heightened activity in spring for mating.

  • Woodpeckers: Their activities, such as drumming and seeking insects, often increase in spring.

Concerns for Humans and Pets: Understanding the potential dangers is essential for making informed decisions:

  • Squirrels: While usually not aggressive, squirrels can carry parasites and diseases harmful to humans and pets.

  • Raccoons: These animals can transmit rabies, and their presence can lead to structural damage and the spread of disease.

  • Woodpeckers: Their actions can cause structural weaknesses, leading to water damage and providing entry points for other animals.

Our Approach to Resolving the Issue: At Wildlife Control Pros, we take a comprehensive approach to address these concerns:

  1. Thorough Inspection: We assess your property to identify entry points and assess the extent of the issue.

  2. Effective Removal: Our team employs humane methods to safely remove the animals.

  3. Exclusion Measures: We seal entry points to prevent future intrusions.

  4. Cleanup and Repair: We clean affected areas and offer repair services to fix structural damage.

Preventing Future Intrusions: We understand the importance of long-term solutions:

  • Squirrel-Proofing: Installing barriers, sealing entry points, and ensuring proper attic insulation can help deter squirrels.

  • Raccoon Prevention: Securing trash cans, trimming overhanging branches, and maintaining chimney caps can discourage raccoons.

  • Woodpecker Solutions: Providing alternative food sources and using visual deterrents can discourage woodpeckers.

If you're dealing with these entry points or suspect the presence of these animals, don't hesitate to contact us at (231) 299-0929 or We're here to safeguard your property and ensure a safe and comfortable living environment for you and your pets.

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