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What animals dig or tunnel in yards or gardens?

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Unveiling Subterranean Artists: Exploring Digging and Tunneling Wildlife

Greetings from Wildlife Control Pros! Embark on a journey to uncover the fascinating world of creatures that create intricate tunnels and diggings in yards and gardens across Northwest Michigan. Get ready for an exciting exploration filled with intriguing insights, lesser-known facts, and vital information about potential impacts on your family and cherished pets.

Meet the Architects of Underground Marvels: Prepare to encounter the crafty excavators that shape the subterranean landscape:

  • Skunks: These nocturnal foragers may leave shallow holes while hunting for insects and grubs.

  • Groundhogs/Woodchucks: Expert burrowers, groundhogs create elaborate underground homes with multiple chambers.

  • Moles: Master tunnel builders, moles dig networks of passageways in search of their favorite prey: earthworms.

Intriguing Secrets Below the Surface: Did you know?

  • Skunks: Their front claws are adapted for digging, and their cone-shaped holes are distinctive signs of their activity.

  • Groundhogs/Woodchucks: Groundhog burrows can be multi-tiered, with separate chambers for nesting, sleeping, and waste.

  • Moles: Contrary to popular belief, moles are not blind. They have tiny eyes that are sensitive to light.

Seasonal Timing of Their Excavations: Understanding when these underground architects are most active is essential:

  • Skunks: Active year-round, their digging may increase in warmer months as they search for food.

  • Groundhogs/Woodchucks: Their digging peaks in spring and early summer, aligning with mating and foraging.

  • Moles: Most active in spring and fall when the soil is moist and rich in earthworms.

Navigating Potential Risks to Your Family and Pets: Getting acquainted with the potential hazards is crucial to ensure safety:

  • Skunks: While not typically aggressive, they can spray a pungent odor when threatened.

  • Groundhogs/Woodchucks: Their burrows can damage landscaping, foundations, and create hazards in yards.

  • Moles: While they don't pose direct threats, their tunneling can disrupt root systems and create unsightly ridges.

Our Comprehensive Approach to Mitigation: At Wildlife Control Pros, we're committed to offering holistic solutions:

  1. Thorough Assessment: We evaluate your property to understand the extent of the digging and the species involved.

  2. Safe Removal: Our team employs humane methods to address the situation and remove animals if necessary.

  3. Exclusion Measures: We implement techniques to deter further digging or burrow formations.

  4. Yard Restoration: We provide guidance on restoring affected areas and preventing future disturbances.

Promoting a Tranquil Yard and Garden: Our focus is on long-term harmony and coexistence:

  • Protective Barriers: Fencing and deterrents can discourage digging and burrow formation.

  • Cultural Practices: Adjusting gardening and landscaping practices can minimize attractants and disruptions.

Taking Charge of Your Outdoor Space: If your Northwest Michigan yard or garden is displaying mysterious tunnels and diggings, reach out to us at (231) 299-0929 or We're here to restore peace, ensure safety for your family and pets, and help your outdoor space thrive in balance.

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