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What animals tip over and rummage through trash cans or bins?

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Understanding Trash Can-Tipping Animals

Welcome to Wildlife Control Pros in Northwest Michigan! Get ready to uncover the culprits behind the nightly escapades that lead to tipped-over trash cans and bins. We're excited to provide you with in-depth insights, lesser-known facts, and essential information about the potential impact on your family and beloved pets.

Meet the Stealthy Nocturnal Raiders: Prepare to meet the animals with a penchant for tipping over and rummaging through your trash:

  • Raccoons: Known for their dexterous paws and curious nature, raccoons are expert scavengers.

  • Opossums: These marsupials have a knack for finding food and can venture into trash cans seeking sustenance.

Engaging Hidden Trivia: Did you know?

  • Raccoons: Their front paws are remarkably agile and can manipulate objects, making them adept at opening lids.

  • Opossums: As opportunistic omnivores, they play a crucial role in controlling insect populations.

Typical Seasons of Nighttime Scavenging: Understanding when these stealthy visitors are most active is crucial:

  • Raccoons: Active year-round, their foraging might be more noticeable during warmer months when food is abundant.

  • Opossums: Also active throughout the year, opossums are particularly active at night when searching for food.

Assessing Potential Risks: Familiarizing yourself with potential hazards is essential for protecting your family and pets:

  • Raccoons: They can carry diseases like rabies and can become aggressive if cornered or threatened.

  • Opossums: While not aggressive, their presence might lead to conflicts with pets, and they can carry parasites.

Our Approach to Peaceful Coexistence: At Wildlife Control Pros, we're committed to providing effective solutions:

  1. Property Evaluation: We assess your property to understand the extent of the issue and identify entry points.

  2. Safe Removal: Our team employs humane methods to address the situation and remove animals if necessary.

  3. Exclusion Techniques: We implement measures to deter animals from accessing trash cans and bins.

  4. Educational Insights: We equip you with knowledge to minimize attractants and create a harmonious environment.

Promoting a Balanced Ecosystem: Our focus is on achieving lasting coexistence:

  • Secure Waste Management: Using sturdy bins with secure lids can discourage access to trash.

  • Responsible Practices: Proper waste disposal reduces the allure of easy meals and minimizes interactions.

Taking Charge of Your Space's Harmony: If you're dealing with nighttime trash can tipping and rummaging, reach out to us at (231) 299-0929 or We're here to restore peace, ensure safety for your family and pets, and help foster coexistence with these clever creatures.

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