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What damage do moles cause?

Let's Talk Damage

Moles wreaking havoc certainly causes damages, so let's review how to deal with it.

Moles and Yard Damage: The Real Deal Moles might be small, but their digging can leave a big impact. Let's break down what you might be facing.

Yard Chaos: Moles create tunnels as they burrow, causing unsightly mounds of dirt all over your yard. These tunnels can disrupt the grass and make your yard uneven.

Root Ruin: Moles' tunneling can damage plant roots, leading to poor growth and even death for your beloved plants.

Fun Fact: Moles have a super-high metabolic rate, meaning they eat a lot to sustain their digging activities.

Mole Seasons: Moles are active throughout the year, but they're more noticeable in the warmer months when their digging is more intense.

Safety First: Moles themselves aren't harmful to humans or pets. However, their activities can damage your yard and plants.

Our Approach: At Wildlife Control Pros, we're ready to help:

  1. Solution Savvy: Our team knows how to address mole-caused damage.

  2. Environmentally Conscious: We focus on effective and eco-friendly solutions.

Yard Harmony:

  • Stay Patient: Solving mole-related issues takes persistence and time.

  • Yard Care: Regular maintenance and addressing mole-friendly conditions can keep the damage in check.

Damage Control: For professional guidance and solutions:

  • Expert Help: Have questions? Reach out at (231) 299-0929 or

  • Friendly Support: We're here to guide you in restoring your yard's beauty.

Yard Revival: Moles causing havoc? Connect with us for advice, strategies, and assistance. Together, we'll bring your yard back to its lush and beautiful state for your family and pets to enjoy.

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