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What should I do if I find raccoons living in my attic?

Raccoons in Your Attic: Handling the Situation Discovering raccoons in your attic can be concerning, but here's how you can address the issue:

Assessment: Confirm the presence of raccoons by looking for tracks, droppings, or signs of entry.

Professional Help: Contact wildlife experts like us to assess the situation and develop a safe removal plan.

Fun Fact: Raccoons are skilled climbers and can easily access attics through roof vents or damaged areas.

Raccoon Seasons: Raccoons might seek shelter in attics during colder months or when raising their young.

Safety Note: Raccoons might carry diseases, and their presence can lead to property damage. Avoid handling them.

Our Approach: At Wildlife Control Pros, we're all about resolution:

  1. Comprehensive Assessment: We inspect your property and recommend suitable actions.

  2. Safe Removal: We employ humane methods to relocate raccoons.

Dealing with Raccoons:

  • Safety First: Keep a safe distance from raccoons and avoid provoking them.

  • Avoid DIY Removal: Raccoon removal requires expertise. Contact professionals to ensure safety.

Expert Help: For assistance in handling raccoon infestations:

  • Prompt Response: Call (231) 299-0929 or for quick guidance.

  • Professional Advice: We're here to provide insights on safely dealing with raccoons.

Concerned about raccoons in your attic? Get in touch for expert help. We'll assess the situation, guide you on safe removal, and ensure your property is raccoon-free.

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