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Which animals leave tracks or footprints?

Identifying Nuisance Wildlife Through Tracks in Northwest Michigan

Welcome to Wildlife Control Pros in Northwest Michigan! Get ready to become a wildlife detective as we guide you through the fascinating world of tracks and footprints left by creatures that roam your surroundings. We're excited to provide you with comprehensive insights, captivating facts, and essential knowledge about the potential impact on your family and cherished pets.

Discovering the Footprint Artists: Let's introduce you to the creatures known for leaving their distinct tracks behind:

  • Raccoons: These adaptable animals may leave tracks near water sources, muddy areas, or food sites.

  • Coyotes: Agile and elusive, coyotes' tracks can often be found in open spaces, along trails, and near prey.

Decoding Tracks: Identifying Footprints: Each animal's tracks have unique characteristics. Here's how to recognize them:

  • Raccoon Tracks: Five-toed prints with a distinct hand-like shape, resembling human hands, often showing claw marks.

  • Coyote Tracks: Four-toed prints with more elongated oval shape, resembling domestic dog tracks but generally more compact.

Engaging Hidden Trivia: Did you know?

  • Raccoons: They have remarkably dexterous front paws that enable them to manipulate objects.

  • Coyotes: Their tracks might show claw marks, indicating their active hunting behavior.

Typical Seasons of Track Tracing: Understanding when these creatures are most active adds valuable context:

  • Raccoons: Active year-round, their tracks may be more noticeable near water sources during warmer months.

  • Coyotes: Active throughout the year, their tracks might become more prominent during breeding and hunting seasons.

Assessing Potential Risks: Understanding potential hazards is essential to protect your family and pets:

  • Raccoons: While not typically dangerous, raccoons can carry diseases and parasites, potentially posing risks.

  • Coyotes: They are generally shy but can become bold if they associate humans with food, leading to potential conflicts.

Our Approach to Ensuring Safety and Awareness: At Wildlife Control Pros, we're committed to providing effective solutions:

  1. Property Evaluation: We assess your property to understand the extent of the issue and identify potential tracks.

  2. Educational Insights: We equip you with knowledge to understand animal behavior and minimize attractants.

  3. Exclusion Measures: We implement strategies to prevent animals from accessing your home or causing harm.

Promoting Safe Wildlife Coexistence: Our focus is on achieving lasting harmony between your living space and local wildlife:

  • Property Awareness: Knowing animal tracks can help you be more aware of wildlife presence and activity.

  • Habitat Management: Removing food sources and securing trash can discourage these animals from approaching.

Becoming a Wildlife Tracker: If you've spotted tracks or footprints around your property, reach out to us at (231) 299-0929 or We're here to provide insights, ensure safety for your family and pets, and help you coexist peacefully with the wildlife around you.

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