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Which animals lose feathers or fur in a home or around a property?

Unraveling Nature's Relics: Identifying Animals Behind Shed Fur and Feathers in Northwest Michigan

Greetings from Wildlife Control Pros in Northwest Michigan! Prepare to uncover the traces of animals that leave behind a unique legacy in the form of feathers, fur, or other materials around homes and properties. We're excited to provide you with a trove of insights, captivating facts, and essential knowledge about the potential impact on your family and beloved pets.

Meet the Fur and Feather Contributors: Let's introduce you to the creatures often responsible for shedding and leaving behind their distinctive materials:

  • Birds: These elegant creatures may leave feathers around areas where they roost or nest.

  • Squirrels: Agile and lively, squirrels may shed fur while grooming, especially during seasonal changes.

Exploring Hidden Trivia: Did you know?

  • Birds: Feathers are crucial for insulation, camouflage, and, in the case of males, attracting mates.

  • Squirrels: Their fur serves as protection from the elements and helps them blend into their environment.

Typical Seasons of Shedding Splendor: Understanding when these creatures shed and leave behind their materials adds valuable context:

  • Birds: They may shed feathers throughout the year, with increased shedding during molting seasons.

  • Squirrels: Fur shedding can occur throughout the year but may be more noticeable during seasonal changes.

Assessing Potential Risks: Getting familiar with potential hazards is crucial for protecting your family and pets:

  • Birds: While not dangerous, feathers can carry allergens and may indicate roosting or nesting areas.

  • Squirrels: Their fur may carry parasites and allergens, and they can potentially access your home if not properly sealed.

Our Approach to Creating a Safe Haven: At Wildlife Control Pros, we're dedicated to providing effective solutions:

  1. Property Evaluation: We assess your property to understand the extent of the issue and identify potential sources.

  2. Exclusion Measures: We implement strategies to prevent animals from accessing your home or causing damage.

  3. Educational Insights: We equip you with knowledge to minimize attractants and create a harmonious environment.

Promoting a Comfortable Coexistence: Our focus is on achieving lasting harmony between your living space and local wildlife:

  • Home Sealing: Properly sealing entry points prevents animals from gaining access to your home.

  • Nesting Prevention: Implementing measures to deter nesting near your home minimizes potential issues.

Taking Charge of Your Space's Comfort: If you've noticed shed fur, feathers, or other materials around your property, reach out to us at (231) 299-0929 or We're here to restore comfort, ensure safety for your family and pets, and help you coexist harmoniously with the wildlife around you.

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